Chicken Life

Weeks 0-3

Day old chicks are picked up  from a hatchery and brought to a nice toasty brooder. They spend the next 2-3 weeks in this warm environment until they grow big enough to sustain themselves outdoors. 

Week 1: Warm in an Ohio Style Brooder

Week 2: Healthy and growing.

Weeks 3-8

Pastured poultry means that the chickens spend each day on new grass. To facilitate this, they live in a "chicken tractor" that is moved daily by hand while they walk along inside. They consume insects and worms, in addition to a non-GMO corn feed. The chickens are raised at Verdant View Farm. 

Week 3: First day out on pasture.

Week 4/5: Very talkative birds

Week 6: A lovely morning

Week 7: The daily tractor move

Week 8: Catching raw protein


While I care for the birds, all along this is their future. Under the direction of a friend who has done this many times before, several friends and family members all worked together to process the birds. It is done at Verdant View Farm in a humane, quick, and clean manner. There are no dyes or other chemicals used in processing. Exempt P.L. 90-492 permits this on-property slaughter and retail.  

Field Notes

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From: Farmer

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