Chicken Life

Weeks 0-3

Day old chicks are picked up  from a hatchery and brought to a nice toasty brooder. They spend the next 2-3 weeks in this warm environment until they grow big enough to sustain themselves outdoors. 

Day 1

Week 1-3: Cozy in a protected, outdoor brooder.

Weeks 3-7

Pastured poultry means that the chickens spend the majority of their life on fresh grass. To facilitate this, they move through the pastures via the "nomad style". The shade mobile and poultry netting surrounding them provide relief from heat and predators. Two guard geese, Mario and Mona, that keep any unwanted foxes or hawks away with their loud honking. Geese and chickens consume grass, insects, in addition to a non-GMO corn feed. 

Week 3: Chicks' first day on pasture with Mario and Mona.

Week 4: Wandering through the tall grass.

Week 5: Growing strong and healthy.

Week 6: A lovely morning

Week 7: The final sunset.


While I care for the birds, all along this is their future. Together with a team of family and friends, we process the birds at Verdant View Farm in a humane, and safe manner. There are no dyes or other chemicals used in processing. Exempt P.L. 90-492 permits this on-property slaughter and retail.  

Field Notes

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Field Notes

To: You

From: Farmer

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