Elizabeth Boone

Lancaster county raised. University of Pittsburgh graduate. Farmer by accident. 

In 2015, this high school graduate arrived at Verdant View Farm as a very green tour guide. That summer and the following as well were incredible, but as I set my path towards college, other career ideas occupied my mind. 

Finishing college and applying to graduate programs gave me a window of time where I could work wherever I desired. Knowing that community, faith, and hard work all have a place at the table at Verdant View, I decided to pull up a chair. At that point, no serious consideration of farming was occurring.

As an apprentice, I worked with the beef cattle, tried not to wreck the skid loader, studied the grass more than I ever thought possible, and saw countless sunrises and sunsets. And we talked and read. It was there, in the daily readings and conversations with the friends I was working alongside that the calling to cultivate place, land, and glorifying food began to hold sway over my life. 


At that point and still at this point, making a long term career out of farming seems far fetched. But when has that stopped me before? Last year, I threw together a small batch of broiler chickens. My parents didn't kick me out when I asked/told them about my furry friends living in our garage for a few weeks. Next, they (the chickens, not my parents) thrived for 5 weeks on pasture. And so far, no one got sick from eating them. In fact, the biggest issue was how big they were. A whopping 7 lb. average. 

The most frequent question I got in the process of starting Myer Hill Chicken was, "Will you do it again?", It should be apparent that the answer is yes, but why is it "yes"? ​Simply put: it is worth it. Though I know not the plans of God, I see His light in His creation I work within. His heart touches mine when people and place surround my doubting heart. If this so called "work" pulls us closer to Him, it is all worth it. 



“The living can't quit living because the world has turned terrible and people they love and needed are killed. They can't because they don't. The light that shines in the darkness and never goes out calls them on into life. It calls them back again into the great room. It calles them into their bodies and into the world, into whatever the world will require. It calls them into work and pleasure, goodness and beauty, and the company of other loved ones.”

Wendell Berry. Hannah Coulter.

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